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Why Canadian Massage Training?

Maximize your TIME & INVESTMENT with traditional training and certification from instructors in the field.  

Who Are We?

CANADIAN MASSAGE TRAINING INSTRUCTORS are a group of dedicated Chair Massage Practitioners who are "Paying it Forward" one amazing graduate at a time.

Our industry is EXPANDING!

We are committed to connecting you with a vibrant industry of WELLNESS AMBASSADORS, CONTRACTORS and HEALTHCARE professionals. Part-Time or Full-Time, the choice is yours!!

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Who is discovering chair?

Everyone is discovering CHAIR.

If you have little or NO experience and have a genuine interest and passion for health & wellness then this is YOUR opportunity to join a growing mobile wellness based industry across Canada.


Fitness Trainers, R.M.T's, Pilate & Yoga Instructors. Esthicians, Healthcare Practitioners, PSW's and individuals looking for a unique career opportunity, wanting to be active and make a difference in the health and wellbeing of others - then discover the wonderful world of CHAIR. 

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A career as a certified seated chair massage practitioner with Canadian Massage Training offers a flexible schedule and unlimited income possibilities promoting wellness through massage. Go anywhere, anytime and anyplace as a self-employed chair massage practitioner or employed by other mobile chair massage companies. Canadian Massage Training programs, provide students with the knowledge to safely and effectively practice seated chair massage and deliver a superior experience to customers with relaxation routines ranging from 10-60 minutes. Taught by Certified seated chair massage practitioners and R.M.T.'s with hands on experience; keep you current and connected with a vibrant seated chair massage community. As a certified seated chair massage practitioner you have the flexibility to work full-time or part-time and feel confident you chose Canadian Massage Training for your Certification.


A growing industry with great income potential

You Will Have:

Employment Opportunities

Supplemental Income

Flexible Hours

Hands On Training

Mobile Career


$30.00 - $85.00+/HR.

Full-time or Part-time


Start Your Career in Wellness Today!

At Canadian Massage Training we know that a successful career as a Certified seated chair massage practitioner, begins with great training and a solid foundation from experts in the field and recognized certification and training. Our Certified seated chair massage program and introductory workshops were developed to work around your full-time job or busy lifestyle. Learn from industry professionals the tips and tools of the chair massage practitioner profession, CPR Training and upgrade your skills. With hands on experience and one-on-one training, our instructors will have you career ready in no time. Bring your calendar to the call and let's create your opportunity together, with a customized schedule.

Canadian Massage Training programs are suitable for the novice or a beginner with no previous massage training. Train along with healthcare practitioners, early childhood educators, nurses and massage therapist, who like yourself, are interested in upgrading and adding to their current skill level or refresher program. Our instructors teach you: to develop a sense of pressure, basic anatomy, over 75 techniques that are specific to the Certified chair massage program and lots of in-class practice. Canadian Massage Training gives you the confidence you need to safely and effectively create an incredible 10-60 minute routine to maximize results! Canadian Massage Training provides ongoing post graduate support too! Upgrade Skills or begin a career as a healthcare practitioner in an exciting industry.​

Our instructors are industry professionals who create a program that has is a recognized standard for chair massage practitioner training across Canada, to ensure your are qualified to work with ALL chair massage companies in North America. Don't want to wait for the next Certification class? Give us a call today at 289-597-4230 and bring your calendar to the call and let's create your opportunity for SUCCESS today! Our instructors are dedicated and committed to creating a sustainable industry of wellness practitioners and offer smaller instruction and certification to individuals who are READY TO GO NOW.

Canadian Massage Training provides the opportunity for you to succeed connecting you directly with a vibrant and active community of practitioners after graduation. Participate and stay connected with your colleagues by being an active member of this growing industry. Information on upcoming events and training dates are available on our community boards and newsletters. Be Career ready and Upgrade your income and become a certified seated chair massage practitioner with Canadian Massage Training.

Canadian Massage Training recognizes an increase in enrollment by healthcare practitioners and personal support workers in chair massage programs across Canada; nurses, senior support workers, early child development educators and R.M.T's who work with the elderly in hospice care, mental health or the disabled are providing an invaluable service to their clients under their care or supervision with Canadian Massage Training. Our seated chair massage certification program provides a solution and a great option to supplement the household income that works around your full-time or part-time job. Be Ready in 6 Weeks or less with Canadian Massage Training.